Motivation Monday Mishelle

Mishelle is one my amazing workout buddies, We have known each other for almost 2 years now. I am amazed by Mishelle. Life has really thrown her a few punches this past year but she just keeps on going even when most people would give up. Her mother has been really sick for a while and Mishelle has had to start taking care of her mom and helping her parents on top of taking care of her husband and 2 kids as well. Her health is very important to her and she makes time for her health even when she is tired or doesn’t feel like doing it.

She is currently training for a half marathon which will be her second one that she has done! We compete in a weight loss group on Wednesday nights and last week we were all running a 3 mile course. Mishelle tripped pretty good and on top of having a hard day she surprised many people and she got right back up and finished the run. We later learned she may have broken her toe with the fall, but nothing stops this girl!

Part of the reason that Mishelle is so motivating is her smile, she can light up the room with her sweet smile! It’s great to workout with her even if you are on the opposite team as her she still encourages everyone! We love to talk during our workouts and we often get in trouble for talking. She is just really fun to be around and motivates me to be a better me! I hope her story motivates some of you too.


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