Motivation Monday Erika

ImageThis week’s motivation Monday picture is of my dear friend Erika! I have known Erika for about 4 years. Our youngest children were in a mommy and me preschool class together. We quickly learned that our children were becoming very special friends and our friendship would also blossom quickly as well. Erika is the kind of mom that really does so much for her children and for other people’s children as well. She is always at her children’s school volunteering and running around taking kids here and there. Sometimes the kids aren’t even her own, but she does it with a smile. Well as most busy moms, usually we put our own needs last. We make sure everyone else is taken care of and there is no energy left at the end of the day for ourselves.

Well Erika has recently decided to start making time for her health, and I am so proud of her! When Erika sets out to do something, she doesn’t do it lightly, she does it with her whole self. She started boot camp classes with me and she really steps it up a notch. One day while we were doing a competitive game I looked across the field and I saw someone do a flip and then a roll onto the ground. I was staring in amazement, then I noticed it was Erika and I was then even more shocked, it looked like a move out of the NFL!

Another story about our friendship, Erika decided to join me on a hike around Christmas time. This isn’t an ordinary hike, it’s a 6.4 mile hike with an epic rock climb at the top to get onto the picturesque potato chip rock. This rock gets its name from the way it looks obviously. It’s very thin and if you have a misstep you will plummet to your death. Well Erika is afraid of heights. We got onto the rock by some miracle (neither of us really were excited about this part) and we are about to snap a picture together and I move closer to Erika for the picture and she says, “DON’T TOUCH ME!” This is why I picked Erika for this week’s motivation picture! She went on a women’s retreat this weekend and I was so proud of her when I saw these pictures of here repelling herself across a very high wire. I’m so amazed at the level she brings to the workouts and to life in general. She motivates me to push it to the next level and to go out of my comfort zone. I know have to really push my sprints to the next level at boot camp, because she is always on my heels. Erika, I am SO proud of you, keep up the good work girl! 


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