Motivation Monday Christine McMillen

Motivation Monday Christine McMillien

Today’s motivation Monday post is about a lady I haven’t known very long Christine McMillen. I feel as though we had an instant bond because we are both navy wives. That really means we understand each other’s lifestyles. We also named our son’s the same name so that means she has great taste. Christine has been doing the weight loss mission with me for about 12 weeks now, and I noticed from the start that she is someone who doesn’t give up easily! As we have grown to know each other over the last months I have found out that her husband who is retired is currently deployed as a contractor. We also have had conversations about her son as well, he has a form of autism. Whenever we talk about him she always has a passion in her voice and a sparkle in her eye. Christine has a lot to juggle in life she works full time at a difficult job and many times she has long meetings and very stressful days.
One thing that spoke volumes about her drive to succeed was not too long ago when her husband was home on a rest and relaxation leave period. They took a trip to Hawaii and Christine made time to work out and make the most of that time, most people would have just simply rested but she kept on going with her goals. The very next day after she came back from her trip she came to our mission and weighed in even though her time with her hubby was quickly coming to an end. She’s so amazing!
This past week our mission was to climb a mountain. This isn’t an easy mountain by any means, it is 1,594 feet high, three miles total distance. One thing that we all love about this mission group is that it’s made for people of all levels, we are all competing with ourselves and setting goals for ourselves while encouraging our teammates. One of our rules when we do challenges is no man left behind. Well by some accident this time Christine was left behind. Little did any of us know that she had a miserable day and was looking forward to this climb, and the conversations that make her day better each Wednesday night. Well this week the norm wasn’t happening and as she struggled to keep up with the group she grew tired, both emotionally and physically. She decided to turn back and just go home.
This news soon traveled up the mountain to our trainer and he hurried down the mountain to try and catch her and to help cheer her on. He always runs up and down the mountain several times during these climbs to try and encourage all of us. He was too late and we all felt horrible that she felt so defeated. This isn’t the case with our group normally we all lift each other up. When I came home from the climb I jumped on face book to try and chat with Christine. I found her very upset and there was little anyone could do to cheer her up.
The great news is that Christine wasn’t defeated! This Saturday she climbed that mountain with our other trainer Sarah. I am so proud of Christine for accomplishing this obstacle even when she thought she wasn’t in good enough shape or that she simply would do it later. Our whole group knew that she could do it, we have seen her at the challenges and she is unstoppable.
I also have to brag again on our trainer Sarah. She took time out of her busy schedule to climb this mountain with Christine. She knew that this was something so important to Christine’s journey and that it would mean so much to her. That is another reason why I love my trainers, both of them. They share that passion for people that I share and it makes all the difference in their business.


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